Contributions Series Nr. 24 (PDF)


Catalog of Mesozoic and Tertiary Megaspores
David J. Batten and Warren L. Kovach

PDF only
231 pp.



This volume provides a taxonomic and nomenclatural index to all genera and species of Mesozoic and Tertiary megaspores known to us as of the end of 1989. It is divided into four parts. The first. which is by far the longest, comprises a species database in which more than 3200 records are arranged in alphabetical order according to genus. Included in the information provided for each are the pages on which any diagnoses or descriptions are presented, plate and figure references, the name(s) of the formation(s) or other lithological unit(s) in which they occur, their geographic location and age. This is followed by alphabetical lists of the specific epithets with accompanying generic assignments and author citations, and of the authors and dates of all of the publications used in compiling the database along with the taxa recorded in them. Nomenclatural changes are indicated separately in the introductory section as well as in the main body of the catalog. They have been kept to the minimum required and are concerned mainly with homonymy and previously invalid transfers. All papers cited are listed in the bibliography along with a few others that contain references to megaspores but, for the various reasons given, have not been included in the database.