Dinoflagellate Necklace


‘Science-inspired jewelry’

Unique, science-inspired, fossil dinoflagellate silver pendant on a sterling silver necklace.
Commissioned in celebration of the 50th anniversary of ‘The Palynological Society’, in collaboration with jeweler and designer.

material: sterling silver
weight pendant: 18.8g
weight chain: 4.6 g
closes with: lobster claw fastener

Made from images of a real pollen grain imaged with super-resolution microscopy.

This item is sold through AASP-The Palynological Society.
For purchase contact the AASP-TPS secretary S.Stukins@nhm.ac.uk

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Dinoflagellate Cyst
 Diphyes recurvatum
About: This is a type of unicellular marine algae, which evolved in the oceans of Maastrichtian age, during the final days of the dinosaurs.  (~72-62 million years ago).

Made from images of an actual dinoflagellate using Airyscan Super-resolution Microscopy.

Note: Image gallery display fossil pollen pendant for comparison, it is not included when purchasing the dinoflagellate necklace.